Becoming Dr. Doolittle

“The voice of the dolphin in air is like that of the human in that they can pronounce vowels and combinations of vowels but have difficulties with the consonants.”

Want Gamification With That App?

Have you ever wondered how games like Pokémon GO, Subway Surfers and Candy Crush gain massive followings? How games with little complexity attract so many users and how this affects user experience? The answer is gamification

Get Yer Esports Stats Here!

According to “Athletic Panda,” global esports revenues are set to top $1.1 Billion this year.

What’s It Like Out There, DJ?

Will The Thrill’s experiences, views on the future of music and insights into live and virtual entertainment trends got me thinking: What can we learn from him? So I set up and interview.

DU Digital Tools Review

Staying organized and knowing where to find vital links, however, can be a nightmare.

Publisher’s Review: 2020 Digital Summit Conference

By itself, the “Advanced Email Marketing” workshop held on Day One was worth the price I paid to attend the conference as a whole.

Nearly Thru Netflix? Me, too!

When the industry shut down mid-March, producers filed multi-million dollar claims.

Polly Wants a Conversation

Could parrots be taught to use and understand human language?

5G: New, Improved—Overhyped? Sizing Up Cellular Technology’s Big Shift

5G is being highly touted by cell service providers, but let's take a look at what the technology actually does.

Schooled in Coronavirus?

A few ed tech tools have emerged as game changers which may affect the future of remote learning and school ecosystems.

A Bot Can’t Do My Job!

Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that from 1980 to 1990 U.S. jobs in auto manufacturing declined and that workforce shrank from 1.1 Million to 85,000.

Outsmart COVID-19

A massive shift to online activity has made this a great time to connect with others or be heard.

Quantum Computing

What Sycamore achieved was a quantum supremacy breakthrough—a huge jump in computing with far-reaching implications.

Who’s Following Who?

At the heart of why influencers have earned status is this: They care about what they do.

Smart Investment Moves

We are now at a place where technology can help us as humans

New Decade, New Rules?

Still, more and more research points out that fewer work hours add up to greater productivity, increased focus and happier employees.

Facebook’s Oculus Go VR Headset Product Review

12 Things You’ll Like, Dislike—and Want More of:

Content Marketing

When it came to the 2019 Content Marketing Conference, not only did I feel like a VIP—since I’d scored an All Access pass—but I learned to make all of my content more exciting, unique and engaging.

What About Earth’s Wildlife?

“We are a non-tourism, no-public-interaction facility with strong policies against the Pay ‘n’ Play industry,” said Yolande, a team member.

Fred Flintstone: An Innovator?

Pedal power is making a comeback!