I have two words for you: Virtual. Reality. If you haven’t tried VR in any of its many forms or via the many products available now, you’re missing out on a wild experience. There are several products to choose from but one particular startup effort deserves a second look: Oculus, initially launched on Kickstarter and then acquired by Facebook for a reported $2 Billion in 2014.

After accruing in-house reward points with my previous employer, I spent them all on an all-in-one Oculus Go VR headset. Wow—was that an amazing decision! It’s easy to setup, since all you need is a smartphone to sync up to. When I first powered it on, I spent about 30 min. perusing wallpapers and setting up my profile. It was a lot of fun! Still, the product has its ups and downs.

12 Things You’ll Like, Dislike—and Want More of:


  • Overall environment
  • Engaging web browser
  • Apps & games < $10 USD
  • Overall experience, incl. gameplay
  • VR Living Room jumbo screen view (TV & movies)


  • Some apps & games are subpar
  • Battery life: 1-2 hrs. based on usage

Needs Improvement 

  • Wallpaper options
  • Friending capabilities
  • Multiplayer game options
  • VR Living Room customization
  • Avatar options, incl. customization
  • Number of interesting apps & games

I know my “Needs Improvement” list was long, Facebook, but here’s why. The wallpapers were fun to explore but a ton more options are needed. Too, I wanted to be able to meet other players but the VR chat room had been discontinued. Find a way to help us safely search for and make new friends! As for multiplayer options, only a few games let me play against other people.

That was a letdown. Same goes for not being able to customize VR Living Rooms. (How cool would that be?) Likewise when it came to profile avatars. I had fun creating mine but wished I could’ve customized it more. Finally, let’s talk games and apps. I looked through all of them and found less than a dozen I’d use or recommend.

Given Facebook’s resources, improving things should be easy. Still, I love my Oculus Go and recommend that our readers check for sales and coupons online. Last I looked, the 32-GB and 64-BG versions were offered at $149 and $199 USD, on sale, at Oculus.com/go.