In a heavily connected world, few people limit themselves to a single device, email address, web browser, whatever. Widespread connectivity has opened up new avenues for consumers who now use a range of technologies to search for virtually all kinds of info. Staying organized and knowing where to find vital links, however, can be a nightmare.

Despite being so darned connected, effective solutions for storing, accessing and sharing links are few and far between. LinkiBag was launched for just that reason. Its founder, Dr. Feliks Kravets, talked with Digital Unicorn recently and cited features which make transitioning to the platform seem pretty attractive. For starters, here are (10) reasons to use LinkiBag:

  • Personal LinkiBag accounts are free.
  • Setup and use are relatively simple.
  • Save related comments with links.
  •  Real-time virus scan is included.
  • Hosted online (no pesky apps).
  • More robust than bookmarks.
  • Collaboration is streamlined.
  • Number of uses are broad.
  • Links are well-organized.
  • LinkiBag is pretty cool.

Setup, Sharing & ‘Requirements’

Setup of a personal use account seemed pretty straightforward to DU staff. Create an account, save important links and access them from any device. Since LinkiBag is a platform versus an app or a download, getting started is easy. Once set up, users can access their online accounts via existing web browsers using smartphones, desktops, laptops, etc.

All of this eliminates the need to make space on a particular device, wait through endless updates or worry about system requirements and compatibility issues. Did we mention LinkiBag is free for personal use? The only real “requirements” are adult status (18+) and possession of a valid email address. The Beta version is available to U.S. and Canadian residents.

By the way, getting friends, family and other contacts to allow the sharing of links with them does not require that they create LinkiBag accounts of their own. The first step in forwarding a link is the generation of a private LinkiBag ID pass. Once that ID pass is shared, the intended viewer can see and click on the link.

Getting Organized & Staying Safe Online

Nearly all first-time users should find LinkiBag fairly easy to navigate. Its simple interface allows for quick account registration, verification and use. As Kravets put it: “Once the time comes to save, organize and share links using LinkiBag, most people find it incredibly intuitive. They typically get the hang of it within minutes.”

Saved links can also be organized by category. That alone is an improvement over having to—as one DU staffer confessed to doing regularly—type “BIZ abc link” or “DESIGN xyz resource” into a traditional bookmark editor to achieve a semblance of order. LinkiBag provides the option to save link-related comments, too, which can serve as notes to self or notes to/about someone else:

  • Who to send that last Design link to? Sarah
  • What a special Travel link means? Road trip
  • When to act on that Project link? Due Jan. 1
  • Where to share a Referral link? Twitter
  • Why that one Recipe was saved? Yum!

“Sharing web links can be risky given rampant malicious activity,” added Meghan Holy, the company’s public relations advisor. “LinkiBag has taken steps to prevent related problems from occurring. Links opened using our platform undergo virus scanning in real time and users see the results of those scans immediately.”

LinkiBooks & Other Enhanced Features

Holy reiterated that LinkiBag is “highly collaborative—making it easy to work with others whether planning an event, completing a group research project, preparing a presentation or sharing pet care details with family members.” Another time-saving tool is LinkiBooks: electronic lists of links then converted to PDF format with comments embedded.

Books can be shared with collaborators, entire classrooms or other contacts. That kind of documentation can make it easier to organize and manage joint ventures, special campaigns and even milestone events. Imagine sharing lists of home improvement professionals with others in the same neighborhood association or lists of great local venues with visiting family and friends.

LinkiBag also bills itself as “an excellent tool for everyone in a classroom, whether used by teachers or students.” A number of account settings were designed to be adapted to a classroom atmosphere. Teachers can share resource links with students, students can share links to group projects with one another and academics can share research findings among themselves.

Easy setup? Check! Easy to use? Double check!

After digging deeper, the DU Digital Tools Review team concluded that LinkiBag has rolled out some great features our readers would never be privy to using bookmarks alone. Among them is the critical link between “being motivated to” and actually staying organized. Explore LinkiBag, LinkiBooks, LinkiDrops for enterprise use and more at


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